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Luxury Boat Calendar 20082011
A humorous appreciation of 12 lost, left or forgotten water and land bound vessels - captured within a Luxury Calendar.

Each illustrious vessel is accompanied by a brief synopsis. For example, in the month of October, you are treated to the formidable presence of the Imagination:

‘Despite the excitement of being on holiday, your family (who may not share your vision) will still require a modicum of imagination to summon up the enthusiasm to set sail on this once-magnificent craft. For them, it will appear on the surface as if they are holidaying on a rotten wooden boat, firmly wedged in mud for a week. But don't let anything spoil your holiday. Think of the advantages … Come on, you know you can … erm … er …’

Also included for each month are handy little reminders. For example:

29 August - ‘Jump off the side to cool off (check beneath first!)’
4 November - ‘Set boat up as a floating rocket launcher’

Scroll down and marvel at the sheer splendour of the boats included with this unique calendar. Calendars measure approx. A4 (297mm x 210mm). ISBN 978-1-906365-17-2

Troubadour Incredible Surreptitious Ambiguous
Luxury Boat Luxury Boat Luxury Boat Luxury Boat
January February March April

Marauder Roulette Diligence Engineer
Luxury Boat Luxury Boat Luxury Boat Luxury Boat
May June July August

High Life Imagination Cutter Momento
Luxury Boat Luxury Boat Luxury Boat Luxury Boat
September October November December

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