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The Luxury Caravan Calendar, a humorous appreciation of 12 holiday chariots tracked down in gardens, fields and bushes - captured within a Luxury Calendar.

Each illustrious vehicle is accompanied by a brief and concise synopsis. For example in the month of February, you are treated to the formidable presence of the Moderna:

‘Causing a sensation at 1951’s Festival of Britain with its revolutionary blue stripe, this style icon heralded the holiday of the future. However, after the incident in the dining area between the cabinet minister and the model forced its sale, its fortunes never recovered. Successive owners lost its keys, sold off all fittings and over-booked it to crisis point. Its curtains now hang at half-mast, awaiting a new dawn and the dry-cleaners to open.’’

Also included for each month are handy little reminders. For example:

23rd August - ‘Fill posh jar with value coffee for kids’ friends’. 23rd November - ‘Try folding awning into the size of a napkin’.

Scroll down and marvel at the sheer splendour of the caravans included within this unique calendar. March, September and December are linked to larger images. Calendars measure approx. A4 (297mm x 210mm). ISBN 978-1-906365-05-9

Dragon Moderna Perilous Coburg
Dragon Moderna Perilous Coburg
January February March April

Desire Transient Pylon Caravan Park Migrator
Desire Transient Pylon Caravan Park Migrator
May June July August

Torment Caravan Park Cavernous Commando Laplander
Torment Caravan Park Cavernous Commando Laplander
September October November December

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