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Luxury Caravan Calendar2011
The Luxury Caravan Calendar, a humorous appreciation of 12 holiday chariots tracked down in gardens, fields and bushes - captured within a Luxury Calendar.

Each illustrious vehicle is accompanied by a brief synopsis. For example, in the month of March, you are treated to the formidable presence of the Canoodle

‘A few red faces were spotted early one morning emerging from the unassuming Canoodle, tucked away in the corner of the park. Rumour has it that the owner invited a few guests over, one drink turned into another, one guest invited another, things got out of hand, keys were swapped across the coffee table and Bob was certainly not your uncle but a bloke from a few pitches up, sitting next to you with a big expectant grin on his face!’

Also included for each month are handy little reminders. For example:

5 March - ‘Try a three point turn with caravan on tow’
26 September - ‘Leave caravan on next door’s drive for a joke!’

Scroll down and marvel at the sheer splendour of the caravans included within this unique calendar. Calendars measure approx. A4 (297mm x 210mm). ISBN 978-1-906365-16-5

Wilderness Swaparama Canoodle Deluxe
Luxury Caravan Luxury Caravan Luxury Caravan Luxury Caravan
January February March April

Cabaret Commodius Tranquillity Magnificent 7
Luxury Caravan Luxury Caravan Luxury Caravan Luxury Caravan
May June July August

Inspiration Harmony Out-of-Ranger Dazzler
Luxury Caravan Cavernous Luxury Caravan Luxury Caravan
September October November December

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