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TGE Video Productions
TGE are proud to present our first video production.

The start of a new reality show featuring security camera footage from a recycling centre. Recovered, converted and edited from a stack of Betamax video tapes, Transglobal Emporium are proud to show this fascinating insight into the world of skipkeeping and recycling - all from the inside of a Portacabin office! The camera is pointing out of the window keeping a firm eye on the skips outside, meanwhile the microphone picks up all the hilarious chat and banter between the skipkeepers. More entertaining episodes to follow.

The Skips - Part One
"Don't Say Good Afternoon"

The Skips - Part 2. 'Till Training' More thrills from the everyday tales of skipkeeping folk.
Not content with answering the phone, its time to move on and face the terrifiying challenge of operating the till. Is there no end to the talent of these fair folk! Watch and be amazed.....or not!

"Where Quality Counts"

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